AKA 多國通用旅行轉換插頭・3個USB快充+1個Type C ・旅行蘇頭快叉充电器 tr1001 Travel adaptor travel plug ※半年保用




AKA 多國通用旅行轉換插頭・3個USB快充+1個Type C ・旅行蘇頭快叉充电器 TR1001 ※半年保用 universal multiple travel plug 可轉換歐美英澳4種制式標準,涵蓋世界上150多個國家和地區: A) 美標: 美國, 加拿大, 日本, 巴西, 菲律賓, 泰國, 台灣 B) 英標: 英國, 香港, 印度, 巴基斯坦, 新加 坡,馬來西亞和阿聯酋等 c) 澳標: 澳洲.紐西蘭及中國等 d) 歐標: 德國, 法國, 韓國, 俄國, 挪威, 瑞 典,芬蘭,丹麥, 荷蘭 比利時, 西班牙,葡萄 牙,波蘭, 奥地利, 匈牙利, 希臘, 克羅地亞, 土耳其及愛爾蘭等 ※半年保用 產品名稱:旅行充電器 產品重量:128g 產品尺寸:68*53*53mm 輸入電壓:100V-250V AC 最大負荷:6.3A 最大功率:110V-693W/250V-1575W Type C輸出:5V 3A 單個USB輸出:最大5V 2.4A USB 總輸出:3.4A AKA universal 4 in 1 Travel Power Adaptor with 3 USB charging port + Type C port LED indicator Material: Engineering PC + Brass, Phosphor bronze, brass electroplating (better and more stable conductivity) Color: Black Size: 68*53*53mm Power range: AC 100V-240V, Max 6.3A output (700W max. at 110V / 1500W max. at 240V) 1 x Type C USB Output: 5V 3.4A max 3 x Standard USB Each Output 5V 2.4A max Built-in Safety Shutters & Fuse System Certificate:CE/EMC/ROHS/FCC/LVD Executive standard:GB 2099.3-2015 NOTE: Travel adapter CAN NOT convert voltage. Features: The worldwide travel adapter has All-in-One as well as small and lightweight design to fulfill  all your needs when you travel to oversea, no matter where your itinerary takes you. It covers  More than 170 countries such as UK, US, Europe, Australia, USA, Italy, Japan, China, France, Africa, etc.  The travel power adapter has 3 USB port and 1 Type C interface, 1 AC Socket with smart IC  chip which can recognize the different devices, automatically charge 5 devices simultaneously,  Multiple USB wall chargers good for sharing with friends or family at home, office or travel. NOT FOR HIGH-POWER APPLIANCES such as hair dryers, hair straightener. This universal travel power adapter comes with 6.3 Amp fuse, FCC CE & RoHS certified safety  system, children electrocution protection patent, plug lock System and built-in safety shutters.  Ensures complete protection for you and your devices. Also easy to use, offering a safe and efficient charging.  Instead of carrying so many confusing chargers when traveling in other countries, you just  only need this small all in one travel adapter. Product Details: 1. Only one plug-type can be used at one time, other plug-pins are locked automatically for safety 2. Cover more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AUS plugs: a) UK standard: The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and The United Arab Emirates etc b) US standard: The USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan etc c) AU standard: Australia, New Zealand and China etc d) EU standard: Germany, France, Korea, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Ireland etc With a Built-in Fuse for protection ※This universal plug adapter just converts the power outlet plug type, it does NOT convert electrical output current and voltage ・本貨品為平行進口正貨 ・帖文內容只作參考。 ・所有商標或版權均屬有關商品品牌商標的持有人 ・網購涉及運送過程,產品及外盒可能因此會有些擠壓痕跡,實屬難免,如不影響使用,不設退換。完美主義者,請考慮才購。 ・若運輸及快遞遇上不可坑力的廷誤,不設退款,請客人體諒,本公司一收貨就快發,務求客人盡快收貨。