"Balloon" 彩色顯示Tamagotchi pix 他媽哥池 pix 英文版電子雞




"Balloon" 彩色顯示Tamagotchi pix 他媽哥池 pix 英文版電子雞 現貨,如售罄,落單後1至2星期出貨 ColorBalloons (Purple) BrandTamagotchi ThemeAnimal Number of PlayersMultiplayer Product Dimensions2.4"L x 1.5"W x 2.8"H Tamagotchi Pix Party 為 Tamagotchi Pix 世界帶來了一場派對,並有貝殼設計的慶祝氣球。 Tamagotchi 裝置配有攝影機和觸控按鈕,可與角色進行更多互動! 在保持電子寵物蛋的核心特性(培育、交流、便攜和遊戲)的同時,您的虛擬寵物比以往任何時候都更好! 派對主題可讓您在 Tamagotchi Pix Party 設備上舉辦派對或作為朋友派對的嘉賓! 電子寵物蛋派對包括邀請函、多位嘉賓、特別食物和遊戲,以及有趣的照片遊戲! 而且,您甚至可以與您的電子寵物角色合影! 6 歲以上。 從 6 種遊戲語言中選擇:英語、西班牙語、法語、德語、義大利語、葡萄牙語。 需要 2 顆 AAA 電池,不包含在供貨範圍內。 Description Tamagotchi Pix Party brings a party to the Tamagotchi Pix world and has celebratory balloons for a shell design. The Tamagotchi device has a camera and touch buttons to interact more with the characters! While maintaining its core Tamagotchi attributes of nurturing, communication, portability, and gaming, your virtual pet is better than ever! The Party theme allows you to host a party or be a guest at a friend’s party on their Tamagotchi Pix Party device! A Tamagotchi Pix Party includes invites, multiple guests, special food and games, and fun PHOTO play! And, you can even take pictures WITH your Tamagotchi character! Ages 6+. Choose from 6 languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese. Needs 2 AAA batteries, not included.

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